color corrections, image retouch, image edit, good looking images

Better than the original- photo retouch and image manipulations

  • Professional retouching and processing images of fashion, product, wedding photography
  • Removal of skin defects of face and body, remove 'red eye'.
  • Strengthening of colors, brightening the image.
  • Eliminate unnecessary parts, stains and scratches from images.
  • More contrast in digital photos.
  • Focusing on an object in the picture.
  • Resize (resize) photos
  • Preparation of the package for product catalogs photos or albums
  • Changing the background of images
  • Correcting and optimizing images for online shops, eBay sellers, real estate agents. When shopping online, one of the most important things after the price is how the product picture is looking. We will make the most out (color, detail, background, size ...) from your files and will adapt the pictures to the needs of your site. Special discounts in the price for subscription services.

  • Amart Design - image processing and photo corrections

    processing of images, preparing promotional materials, photo retushtushContact us for more info

    Processing of images, remove image defects, image correction. Retouch photos for catalogs, websites and shops




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