clipping path, photo masks, фото маски, отделяне фон, подготовка каталог - Do you have pictures that you want to change or remove background ?
- You want to remove object in picture or just use it in another place?
We Offer preparation of clipping paths for easier selection and manipulation in photos and realistic compositions of several objects from different images.
Clipping Path is an invisible silhouette of an area in the image that serves as a mask. Only that portion within the clipping path (mask) appears when placed into another application or combined with another image.
The most commonly applied in separating an object from the background of the photo or certain parts of the picture as in catalogs, magazines, flyers, brochures or e-shops (where the background of many pictures should be identical).
For this purpose, we use Pen Tool in Photoshop or Layer Masks (photo masks)

After processing the images are stored in handy for the customer type and format

Our low prices are grouped into four categories related to construction time and complexity
Discounts: for over 50 photos -5% of the price over 100 photos -10%

clipping path, change the background image background separationDo not hesitate to contact us for details and inquiries

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